Interactive Partnership Development Session on Smart Cities
06 Feb 2017 - 10 Feb 2017
New Delhi and Bengaluru

The Canadian High Commission and Global Innovation and Technology Alliance (GITA) are organising an Eco-Infrastructure and Smart Cities partnership development session.  This workshop will take place at New Delhi and Bengaluru during February 6 – 10, as mentioned below.

  • New Delhi: 10:00- 16:00 II February 6, 2017 II Desire Hall, Le Méridien, Janpath, New Delhi
  • Bengaluru: 10:00 – 16:00 II February 10, 2017 II The, Sheraton Grand , Brigade Road, Bangalore

As you may aware that,India-Canada Collaborative Industrial Research & Development Program 2017 is open for application with last date of application is May 15, 2017 and Smart Cities is one of the focus area for current Request For Proposal.

Under this program, one Indian company working with a Canadian company for co-development of Industrial R&D project then Govt of India will support (GRANT) upto 50% of the Indian budget with the limit of Rs 1.50 Crs per and Canadian Govt will also support the project in similar manner to theCanadian side.  

In the above background, Eight Canadian companies are visiting India to explore the possibility of collaboration with Indian company and avail GRANT support under India-Canada Program. Kindly refer the snapshot of Canadian companies visiting India as under:

  1. EhEyeInc: An artificial intelligence company specializing in automated object and activity detection within streaming video, with a specific focus on the pillar of public safety and security. The system operates on rules-based approach where it monitors for elements of interest, or an anomalies-based approach where it highlights elements out of the ordinary.
  2. Aretas Sensor Networks: Produces and manufactures best-in-class wireless sensor modules that can detect a wide-variety of environmental parameters. Aretas also operates self-owned IoT Cloud Infrastructure.
  3. Total Pave Inc: TotalPave enables paving engineers to collect standard road condition data using smartphones instead of traditional million-dollar high-speed data collection vans. The data is extremely important as it allows paving engineers to determine when and where to pave on an annual basis resulting in better condition roads at lower costs.
  4. Terragon Environmental Technologies: Offers solution that enables “off-grid sustainability” by developing and commercializing highly innovative and advanced waste management technologies. Terragon’s novel Micro Auto Gasification System (MAGS) is the world’s most compact, efficient and environmentally safe technology for the conversion of a variety of combustible materials into thermal energy.
  5. Hydro Processing and Mining Ltd: Hydro Processing produces and distributes nano sized bubbles for aeration, bio remediation and flocculation for use in all water and wastewater treatment applications. The SAR Aerator is exceptional at distributing air to fully oxygenate a liquid or slurry at a rapid rate and low cost.
  6. Nortak Software Ltd: Nortak provides informatics professional services to private organizations as well as to all levels of government support from infrastructure to end-user application. Nortak has technical expertise in implementing Vehicle Intersection Alert and automated transportation management systems, which improve traffic management
  7. Connio: A network and device agnostic Internet of Things platform to build large scale intelligent systems from connected objects/things across a broad range of industry verticals. It excels in making integration among different devices, services and systems for large scale Internet of Things solutions such as smart cities and industrial applications.
  8. Fireseeds North Infrastructure (FNI): A specialized multidisciplinary civil engineering firm that develops and applies technologies to set, allocate and defend transport budgets. FNI’s technology enhances road safety studies by automatically analyzing traffic video to detect and categorize near-miss conflicts between users.

These session will focus on bringing together relevant stake-holders, industry leaders, and technology providers to brainstorm, network, and develop partnerships for innovation and R&D in sustainable urban infrastructure.

To participate, please feel free to contact:

Mr Vimal Kumar (Email: / Tel: +91 11 4288 8015);

Mr Nilesh Patel (Email: / Tel: +91 11 4288 8009)

Ms Deepanwita Mukherjee (Email: / Tel: +91 11 4288 8004).